The village

Vilaplana is a village located at the foot of the mountain range of the Mussara, in the region of the Low field, located to 12km of Reus and to 366 meters on the level of the sea.

The name of Vilaplana, coming from the time of the Frankish repopulation, could have been generated by the contrast between its location and the Mussara, of older settlement and risen of risks. The people of the Mussara would have built first pens for the cattle and, later, some would have gone to live. The new population would have received, at first, the name of Masos de la Plana and then, in steadily inhabiting, the name of Vilaplana.

The village, gateway to the Prades mountains, is nestled in a natural and privileged landscape, with ancient roads, crystalline water streams and viewpoints with postcard views.